Classic Car Insurance in Texas

Keep Your Classic Car Covered

You may have a cover for your car to shield it from blowing debris, dust, and the Texas sun's harsh rays. It helps protect your paint job, but that isn't quite what we mean. You preserve the interior and exterior of your classic car. You should also protect yourself against the risk of financial loss. The agents at JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX will assist you with finding quality coverage for your classic car.

You invest time and money into maintaining your car. Maybe you built it yourself. You knew the name "Carroll Shelby' before Ford Vs. Ferrari hit the silver screen. Your classic car may not need to be an antique to qualify for coverage. Some policies cover limited-run cars and hotrods. In Texas, you must carry liability insurance on your automobiles. There are two types of liability coverage required by Texas, bodily injury and property damage. Our experienced agents understand Texas classic car insurance definitions and regulations.

Classic car insurance provides types of coverage not available through automobile insurance. Classic car insurance policies offer coverage for a predetermined amount, agreed upon by you and the insurance company. The agreed-upon coverage amount could come from a valuation guide or an independent appraiser. Many classic car owners prefer to use a specific garage or mechanic who specializes in classic cars and knows the specifics of your make and model. Some policies allow for this. Many classic car policies have lower rates because owners drive high-value vehicles less often than the family sedan.

Whether you take a leisurely Sunday drive through the streets of Beaumont, TX. or cruise the country competing in classic car shows, there is a policy for you. Our professional agents want to help you find the best coverage possible for you, your wallet, and your classic car. Before your current coverage blows away, contact JD Insurance Group now.