Motor Home Insurance in Texas

Living in a motor home in Beaumont, TX requires an understanding of state insurance laws. When you consult with JD Insurance Group, you will be given all the relevant information you need to know. This is something that is important for you to understand.

When You Need Motor Home Insurance

Some people purchase a motor home so they can park it somewhere that they want to live. Others purchase one so they can travel the open road without leaving home. If this is you, Texas law requires you to have insurance coverage first. Liability insurance is something you must have in this case. In the event that property damage occurs, you will have peace of mind. It is also necessary to obtain an insurance policy so that if someone else gets hurt in or by your motor home, you are not responsible for damages. Another circumstance under which you must have insurance is if you took a loan in order to buy your mobile home. Many loans are contingent upon having it insured.

When You Don't Need Motor Home Insurance

In Texas, the only exception to the insurance law is if your motor home cannot be driven and you transport it by attaching it to a car or other vehicle. In this case, your car insurance may include an attachment that gives you coverage for your motor home. However, if you attach it to a rental car or one you are leasing, the rental/leasing company will likely require you to have insurance.

Other Considerations

Once you have obtained the necessary policy for your motor home you will have to keep it active at all times. If there are any gaps in coverage and you bought your home with a bank loan, the bank may force you to obtain an alternate insurance policy, which is often more of a burden on you.

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