Umbrella Insurance in Texas

At JD Insurance Group, we offer residents of Beaumont, TX umbrella insurance as an addition to their home or auto policies. Texas is one of the states that allows umbrella insurance to cover parts of a settlement that are not included as part of your specific policy. If you have a major claim decided against you, umbrella insurance will ensure you are not financially ruined if the settlement is much more than what is covered by your policy.

Common Instances Where You May Need Umbrella Insurance

  • Lawyer Costs - If you have been sued, the attorney and court costs can add up. Umbrella insurance will help cover or offset these defense fees.
  • You Insure a Teen Driver - Teen drivers are three times more likely to get into a serious car accident, meaning an umbrella insurance policy may be necessary to make sure they are properly covered.
  • Pain and Suffering - If you injure someone in a car accident, pain, and suffering fees they sue you for can become exorbitant. As you can see, umbrella coverage is a good idea as part of any auto policy.
  • You Own a Home - Check your homeowner's policy. It probably covers most of the things you are scared of. It's still a good idea to add umbrella coverage to your policy to make sure you are covered against even the most unforeseen disasters. You would be surprised how many homeowners in Texas aren't properly covered.

If you aren't sure if umbrella insurance can help you, it may be time to do some math. Add up the costs of all your assets and consider that total against the amount of your coverage and the deductible. If there is a considerable gap, umbrella insurance is probably right for you. If you live in Beaumont, TX and have more questions about umbrella insurance and if it's right for you, contact us at JD Insurance Group for more information today.