How to Protect Your Motorcycle in Beaumont, TX

Your motorcycle is like the modern version of the Lone Ranger’s horse. It is your friend, your ride, and your companion, right? Why not return the love it shows to you by protecting it with insurance from JD Insurance Group. Covering the Beaumont, TX area, they have insurance that will cover every need you have for your motorcycle or another recreational vehicle.

Why Get Motorcycle Insurance

First of all, the rules for motorcycle insurance in Texas are the same as for cars and trucks:

  • $30,000 liability insurance for each injured person
  • $25,000 for property damage (per incident)

This basic coverage is usually denoted as "30/60/25."

So at a minimum, you need to have motorcycle insurance to cover the above mandates.

Other Coverage

Beyond that, consider how much your motorcycle would cost to replace if you had to pay out of pocket. You may also want to consider increasing the amount of coverage to include collision insurance, comprehensive, and other additional add-ons.

You never know what’s around the next curve, so it’s wise to contact an agent at JD Insurance Group to make sure you have the coverage you need in a worst-case scenario, as well as coverage for other aspects of protecting your property.

No one likes to think about a motorcycle accident. They are often severe and life-threatening. But regardless of the situation, you will ride happier knowing you have the protection you need.

Visit with the professionals at JD Insurance Group for all of your insurance needs, including your motorcycle coverage. Don’t get caught in Texas without proper coverage, which can also cost you court fines and other fees. 

Your friend takes good care of you on the road. Return the love by making sure it’s protected, too.

Contact JD Insurance Group for more information.