When to Buy Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a valuable type of insurance policy. It’s designed to help protect a person’s belongings when they rent—not own–their property. Depending upon the policy, renters insurance can cover things such as vandalism, theft, fire and some natural disasters. Here are times when you should consider buying renters insurance from JD Insurance Group serving Beaumont, TX.

When to Buy Renters Insurance

You Recently Moved Into a New Rental

If you’re a new renter or have just moved into a new rental property, you should purchase renters insurance as soon as possible. This helps to protect your belongings from day one.

You Recently Acquired New Valuables

Whether it’s a pricey e-bike, jewelry, or the latest electronics, make sure you get them covered with renters insurance. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your items are covered.

You’ve Taken on a Roommate

If you’re sharing your accommodation with someone else, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper amount of renters insurance. Your roommate may have brought in additional valuables that need to be covered.

Your Landlord Requires It

Some residences have rules that require tenants to have renters insurance. You have a choice of where to get it. Contact JD Insurance Group serving Beaumont, TX for assistance.

You Own Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms are often antiques with financial value. It may offer peace of mind to know that your family treasures are protected with renters insurance.

You Live in a High-Risk Area

Consider the risks associated with your geographic location. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes, renters insurance can offer peace of mind.

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Renters insurance is easy to acquire and is one of the essential insurance policies you should have as a renter. Contact JD Insurance Group for more information and to get your policy started.

Does renter’s insurance cover appliances?

Renter’s insurance is a tool used to help protect the renter from liability and loss. If you have renter’s insurance in place, it may cover your appliances and more. To learn more about this coverage, you can count on the experts at JD Insurance Group, proudly serving the residents of Beaumont, TX. 

Renter’s Insurance Protection

If you rent your residence, you need the security of renter’s insurance to protect you from a wide range of risks such as fire, theft, and liability. If you want to secure reliable renter’s insurance, you can count on our team of professionals to provide you with exceptional products and services. 

We will work closely with you to help you understand your current situation; once we know more about you, we can match you with policy options that make sense for your needs. Once you select a policy, we ensure you understand the terms and conditions. We can also assist you with any changes to your living situation during the policy’s life. If there is a claim, we can also work with you to help expedite the process. 

It’s all a part of our commitment to our customers and delivering top-quality support and insurance coverage. 

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If you want to learn more about renter’s insurance, please stop by or call our office. One of our team members will be happy to provide you with more details or schedule a consultation. JD Insurance Group is proud to serve the residents in and around the Beaumont, TX area. Don’t risk not having adequate renter’s insurance protection in place. Find out how we can help you. 

Renters insurance FAQs

In the United States, 35% of households are rentals. While homeowners are the largest proportion, that still means millions of people rent. The sad fact is, 40% of them don’t have renters insurance. At JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX we would like to make sure that our customers who are renters have all the information they need to make the right decision about whether it is something they need.

Why do I need renters insurance?

You probably own a lot more than you realize. When something happens to damage your rental, if you don’t have renters insurance you will need to replace everything that you own. No, your landlord does not have insurance that covers your property. Try to imagine trying to replace all your clothes, your furniture, your electronics, and all the rest of your things. It’s a lot and would be hard to do all at once on your own without insurance. 

What coverage does renters insurance provide?

In addition to content coverage, renters insurance offers liability coverage and loss of use coverage. Liability insurance protects you if someone is injured while visiting your rental or by a member of your family. A judgment against you could wipe out your savings and even put you in debt. Loss of use coverage means that if your rental is not habitable, your renters insurance will pay for a place for you to stay and also provide some meals. This can be a great help after the trauma of the loss. 

Does renters insurance cover my stuff if I am away from home?

Yes, if you are traveling, and you lose something, or it gets stolen, your renters insurance will cover it the same as if you were at home. 

Get The Right Coverage For Your Needs

Contact JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX if you have questions about renters insurance. 

3 Areas Covered by Renters Insurance

Are you a renter in Beaumont, TX? Have you heard about renter’s insurance? Unfortunately, most tenants don’t purchase renters insurance because they think the landlord’s insurance policy covers them. While your landlord has insurance, it only covers their property and not your belongings.
Still not convinced that you need renter’s insurance? Consider the following areas covered by renter’s insurance from JD Insurance Group.

Liability protection

Assume you cause property damage to other renters. How will you pay the damage? If the damage is significant, you might be unable to cover it from your pocket. However, with renter’s insurance, third-party claims are your insurer’s headache.

Similarly, a renter’s insurance plan covers you when accused of bodily injury. For instance, if a guest sustains an injury while on your premises, renter’s insurance covers the medical costs, including legal costs if sued.

Additional living expenses coverage

What would happen if a covered peril destroys your dwelling? You would have to seek temporal shelter as your apartment or condo undergoes repairs. Luckily, if you have renter’s insurance, you don’t have to worry about additional living expenses like hotel food and accommodation as it’s your insurer’s headache.

Assets protection

Renters insurance protects your assets like laptops, furniture, and clothing from perils like theft, fire, and so on. Besides, renters insurance protects your assets even when outside your dwelling. For instance, if someone breaks into your car while shopping and steals your laptop, renters insurance compensates you for the loss.

With renter’s insurance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate are well-protected.

Buy renters insurance in Beaumont, TX

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