RV Insurance Is Designed to be More Than Standard Vehicle Insurance

Just as car insurance types depend on whether your vehicle is for personal or commercial use, RV insurance is created to cover the risks that are specific to vacationing or living in an RV. In some cases, the vehicle is large, and liability coverage may take into account additional risks that might be involved on the road with a vehicle that size. You might hear from someone that under a certain weight limit or size, an RV might not require a full RV policy. Above a certain weight, annual RV inspections are required, which might be what you’re thinking of.

Liability is required, as with any motorized road vehicle

In Texas, an RV of any size is required to have proper RV insurance minimums, such as liability. With all that you have invested, it’s wise to think further to cover situations, property, medical concerns if something happens, and more. At JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX we have plenty of experience with ways to protect your RV experience against unexpected problems. We’re also great at helping you with coverage for your lifestyle on the road in a variety of vehicles.

How is "Van Life" Covered?

The question of RV insurance gets more complex when you consider camper vans, professional and DIY conversions, and chassis that vary from basic vans to Sprinter-style models, even small cube trucks. That’s where JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX can help you find coverage, document your vehicle, and get it properly covered for a low-hassle lifestyle.

It’s important to communicate clearly to the insurance company about your specific vehicle and its origins for proper coverage. Give us a call while you’re planning your adventure!