4 Reasons to Update Your Home Insurance

Your home insurance is designed to protect you and your valuables when disasters strike. But for your home insurance to give you optimal protection, it needs to be up-to-date. Has it been years since you updated your home insurance? JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX advises homeowners to review their insurance every year. However, if the below incidences happen, talk to your insurance agent immediately.

Home improvements

Maintaining your home is an ongoing process. For instance, if you have undertaken significant renovations, you need to inform your insurer. Renovations increase the cost of rebuilding your home, so you need to update this information with your insurance company. This way, you will get full value compensation for your house, including the renovations if damage occurs.

Home-based business

Have you decided to follow the trend by starting a home-based business? All the best!  However, you need to review your home insurance. Home insurance won’t cover business-related liabilities. For instance, home insurance won’t cover medical costs if a customer trips on your wet floor while coming for a business meeting. However, you can purchase commercial insurance or consider a home-based business insurance add-on for well-rounded protection.

Purchase of assets

Have you added more assets to your home? It would help if you informed your insurance agent. This way, you will be compensated for all valuables in your possession should a covered peril strike.


Welcoming a pet to your home is exciting, but it comes with a fair share of responsibilities. For some pets, especially those that can cause injury, you need to increase the liability insurance coverage should they harm other people.

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Still not sure whether you should update your home insurance? Don’t worry. Please get in touch with JD Insurance Group to speak to one of our agents in detail.