How RV Insurance Works

Recreational vehicles can be a lot of fun to travel in. Because they combine a home with a vehicle, they need a unique type of insurance just for them. To get your RV covered with RV insurance, call us now at JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX.

Classes of Recreational Vehicles

There are three classes of RVs, and each of these needs its own insurance policy that is made for that class. Class A includes vehicles that can be as long as 75 feet. These are generally motor coaches, luxury coaches, and converted buses. Class B includes the smallest of the RVs. This kind doesn’t feature a cab-over. It can be a cargo van, camper van, a travel trailer, or other smaller vehicles. Class C is for RVs that are made with a regular cargo van with a camper section that has the over-cab extension. It includes fifth-wheel RVs.Make sure that you get the policy that is meant for your class of RV.

Insurance Factors

As with auto insurance, RV insurance is partially based on how much you use it. If you live inside your RV full time, that comes with the need for extra coverage for it. How often you use your RV is also a factor. These factors together with the class of RV, its age and its make will determine much of the cost of your RV coverage. 

RV Insurance Options

Like auto insurance, there are different types of coverage you can choose as well as coverage that is mandated by the state. IN RVs, getting collision and/or comprehensive insurance is a great option to add in order to pay for damage to your vehicle. You can also choose to have other parts of it insured, such as the possessions that you keep on board, certain equipment inside and accessories like satellite dishes. 

Get Your RV Coverage

If you have an RV, don’t ever leave it uninsured. Make sure that you get the right policy for your vehicle by calling us at JD Insurance Group in Beaumon,t TX.