What kind of boat insurance is required by Texas state law?

Boat insurance is similar to auto insurance. It covers your watercraft and provides liability coverage if you damage someone else’s boat or property or injure someone else while operating your boat. However, boat insurance requirements often vary from state to state. Our team at JD Insurance Group is committed to helping boat owners in Beaumont, TX, understand boat insurance. 

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance is like any other insurance. It provides coverage for damage your boat may sustain in an accident as well as liability coverage for other people’s properties and injuries you may cause. Your boat insurance pays for the repairs to your boat or its replacement if the circumstances of the damage are covered events. Boaters may be required to carry boat insurance, even if it’s not required in a particular state. Only Utah and Arkansas require boat owners to carry insurance. However, boat insurance may be required if you have a boat loan or want to use certain marinas.

What kind of boat insurance is required by Texas state law?

Boat owners aren’t required to carry boat insurance in Texas. However, if you have a loan, your lender will require you to carry boat insurance. You may also need boat insurance for your watercraft to use certain recreational venues as well. Even though Texas law doesn’t require boat owners to carry insurance, boat insurance has obvious benefits. You benefit from liability coverage, which will pay for repairing or replacing your boat if it’s damaged. If you have questions about boat insurance and its benefits, call us. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. 

Tips for Honing Your Boating Skills

You’ve finally purchased your own boat and are anxious to take it out for a spin. The trouble is you’re short on boating skills. No problem. There are numerous ways to learn how to navigate your watercraft safely, so you can enjoy boating to the full. The following tips from JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX can be helpful in honing your boating skills.

Tips for Honing Your Boating Skills

Take a Boating Safety Course  

If you’re new to boating, you can learn how to operate your vessel safely by taking a boating course. Through a boating course, you can learn about navigational tools and their use, safety equipment, maneuvering in different types of water, and other useful skills. There are also online resources that can teach you about knot tying, anchoring, docking, backing a trailer, reading nautical charts, and more. Between a boating course and online research, you can learn essential boating skills that will make boating a safer, more enjoyable experience. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice as often as you can to perfect the skills you need on the water. The more boating practice you get, the more comfortable you’ll feel on the water. It takes time to become a skilled boater so don’t try to hurry the process. Find a secluded lake or beach where you can practice using navigational tools like your marine navigation app, nautical charts, compass, or maps to navigate your boat with confidence.

Seek Advice from Experienced Boaters

Seek help from friends or relatives who are experienced boaters. Get them to come with you on the water and show you how it’s done. Take advantage of their boating knowledge and experience to sharpen your watercraft skills and avoid making common boating mistakes. 

Lastly, remember to protect your investment with boat insurance. To learn more about coverage options and costs, contact JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX.    

Types of Boat/Watercraft Coverages

Boat insurance protects your vessel, everyone aboard, and in case of injury to other parties, from insurable risks. Waterbodies that are contributory routeways for different watercraft vessels hold a lot of impending danger. It is critical that you ensure your boating undertakings with the right insurance coverage.

Types of Boat/Watercraft Coverages

Although boat/watercraft insurance is not compulsory in Beaumont, TX, it’s important to consider the different boat policies available to you to mitigate your vessel and yourself from underlying risks.

Uninsured boater insurance: 

Boating accidents are not common, but once in a while, you may accidentally engage in collisions with other boats which are not insured or insufficiently covered. Acquiring this coverage pays for medical expenses accrued after a collision with other boaters who is not sufficiently insured or aren’t protected after an accident.

Collision coverage: 

Have you ever thought about what can happen if your boat get destroyed after a boat accident in the waterways? Fortunately, at JD Insurance Group, we provide this type of insurance that caters to replacing or repairing your boat after collision with another boater or a stationary object like a rock offshoot. 

Towing insurance: 

This form of coverage comes in to settle towing expenses of your boat after an engine failure, or you ran out of gas, among other misfortunes. 

Comprehensive coverage: 

This policy replaces or repairs your vessel after getting damaged by non-collision occurrences like fire or hail.

Medical Payments Coverage: 

It pays for necessary and reasonable medical expenses that you and those onboard get after a boat accident.

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Boat Insurance: Will It Repair Your Boat If You Bottom Out on a Rock?

At JD Insurance Group, we can provide the greater area of Beaumont, TX residents with useful boat insurance that will protect their watercraft. But will this type of coverage protect your boat if you hit a rock when not driving carefully enough? Let’s look at this situation to learn more.

Boat Insurance: What You Need To Know

While your coverage options may vary based on your policy and provider, most boat insurance options cover a few different things. This coverage is designed not only to protect your boat but other people’s property as well. The three principal components of most boat insurance include:

  • Property Coverage for the Boat
  • Liability Insurance for Accidents
  • Medical Payment Coverage

The second two policy types cover injury treatment and property damage repair or replacement that you cause another person and your medical treatments after an accident. The first type is designed to repair or replace your boat after theft or an accident and covers your boat on both land and water. Note: boat insurance also provides uninsured boat owner insurance coverage options.

So, Are You Protected?

Thankfully, your property coverage should repair or replace your boat up to your policy limits and the value of the boat if you hit a rock. You may also add on several other protection types, including mechanical breakdown, towing, boat trailers, fishing gear, boating accessories, dock contract, freezing, and fishing guide coverage to your policy to get an even higher level of overall protection.

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Why would I need boat insurance in Texas?

The entire Beaumont, TX area continues to be well known for its hot summer months and access to local lakes and other waterways. Due to this, it can be a great place to be a boat owner. Anyone that would like to purchase a boat in this part of the state needs to ensure they get the right insurance coverage. A boat insurance plan will be needed for a few reasons. 

Insurance Protects Boat

The main reason that boat owners in this part of Texas will want to have insurance for it is so they can protect their assets. If you buy a boat, you will want to know that you can repair or replace it when necessary. Those that get a boat insurance plan will have the resources needed to repair or replace the boat if it is stolen or there is an accident to it.

Insurance is Often Required

A lot of boat owners will also find that they have specific boat insurance requirements that need to be met. Depending on your situation, you may be required to carry boat insurance to comply with your lender’s requirements if you have a boat loan. Also, it is common for local marinas to require all users to carry boat insurance as it will give protection to both the marinas and other owners that use it. 

Shopping for the right boat insurance plan in the Beaumont, TX area is a big decision. If you are shopping for coverage here, it would be wise to call the JD Insurance Group. The team with the JD Insurance Group understands the value that comes with this coverage. They can offer any support you need to build a plan that will protect your boat and offer you peace of mind.