Do you need full-timer insurance for your motorhome?

Your insurance needs to change when you transition from using your RV motorhome as a vacation vehicle to living in it full time. If the latter describes your situation, you need full-timer RV insurance for your RV. Let’s consider how full-timer insurance differs from standard RV insurance.

At JD Insurance Group, we want you to understand what provides you with the coverage you need to park your RV in Beaumont, TX, and enjoy the Texas lifestyle. You may have driven to Texas from another state and your insurance came from that state. You need to replace that insurance with Texas insurance since you plan to live in this state.

If you moved to Texas with regular RV insurance, that is the insurance you would use similar to automotive insurance that protects you while driving, you need to switch to a full-time policy. This does cost more than the other type of RV insurance, but in order to rent a pad site at most RV parks, you must show proof of insurance. When you try to lease a parking space for more than a specified, vacation-length period, they will ask to see your full-timers insurance.

So, what does full-time RV insurance cover? It treats your RV like the home on wheels it has become. You will obtain coverage for your property inside the RV, coverage for updates to the mechanical and interior you might make, and comprehensive coverage that covers everything from theft to damage from tree limbs falling on it. Essentially, your get full-coverage auto-like coverage plus a homeowner’s policy-like coverage squished into an RV policy.

Contact JD Insurance Group serving Beaumont, TX today to learn more about the insurance coverage you need to keep your rolling home safe. Welcome to Texas; we hope you enjoy making your home here.