Types of Boat/Watercraft Coverages

Boat insurance protects your vessel, everyone aboard, and in case of injury to other parties, from insurable risks. Waterbodies that are contributory routeways for different watercraft vessels hold a lot of impending danger. It is critical that you ensure your boating undertakings with the right insurance coverage.

Types of Boat/Watercraft Coverages

Although boat/watercraft insurance is not compulsory in Beaumont, TX, it’s important to consider the different boat policies available to you to mitigate your vessel and yourself from underlying risks.

Uninsured boater insurance: 

Boating accidents are not common, but once in a while, you may accidentally engage in collisions with other boats which are not insured or insufficiently covered. Acquiring this coverage pays for medical expenses accrued after a collision with other boaters who is not sufficiently insured or aren’t protected after an accident.

Collision coverage: 

Have you ever thought about what can happen if your boat get destroyed after a boat accident in the waterways? Fortunately, at JD Insurance Group, we provide this type of insurance that caters to replacing or repairing your boat after collision with another boater or a stationary object like a rock offshoot. 

Towing insurance: 

This form of coverage comes in to settle towing expenses of your boat after an engine failure, or you ran out of gas, among other misfortunes. 

Comprehensive coverage: 

This policy replaces or repairs your vessel after getting damaged by non-collision occurrences like fire or hail.

Medical Payments Coverage: 

It pays for necessary and reasonable medical expenses that you and those onboard get after a boat accident.

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