Boat Insurance: Will It Repair Your Boat If You Bottom Out on a Rock?

At JD Insurance Group, we can provide the greater area of Beaumont, TX residents with useful boat insurance that will protect their watercraft. But will this type of coverage protect your boat if you hit a rock when not driving carefully enough? Let’s look at this situation to learn more.

Boat Insurance: What You Need To Know

While your coverage options may vary based on your policy and provider, most boat insurance options cover a few different things. This coverage is designed not only to protect your boat but other people’s property as well. The three principal components of most boat insurance include:

  • Property Coverage for the Boat
  • Liability Insurance for Accidents
  • Medical Payment Coverage

The second two policy types cover injury treatment and property damage repair or replacement that you cause another person and your medical treatments after an accident. The first type is designed to repair or replace your boat after theft or an accident and covers your boat on both land and water. Note: boat insurance also provides uninsured boat owner insurance coverage options.

So, Are You Protected?

Thankfully, your property coverage should repair or replace your boat up to your policy limits and the value of the boat if you hit a rock. You may also add on several other protection types, including mechanical breakdown, towing, boat trailers, fishing gear, boating accessories, dock contract, freezing, and fishing guide coverage to your policy to get an even higher level of overall protection.

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