3 Common Questions About Classic Car Insurance

Classic cars come in many ages and styles and are often customized, and while similar in most ways to traditional vehicles, there are some differences when insuring them. Here are answers to the most common questions about classic auto insurance that our customers at JD Insurance Group in Beaumont, TX ask.

Three Common Questions About Classic Car Insurance

1. Can I Add a Classic Car to My Standard Auto Policy?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Many classic cars increase in value as they age, while standard autos depreciate as miles and years accumulate. Insurance typically compensates policyholders at Blue Book value, while classic vehicle policies cover an agreed value made of its worth. This ensures that you’ll receive adequate compensation when making a claim.

2. Is My Vehicle Covered If I Make Repairs Myself?

Most classic car policies let owners choose their preferred repair shop, but many owners like to fix things themselves. After all, special cars require specialized care that some owners can only perform. Your policy generally covers self-repair work due to the unique nature of classic vehicles.

3. Do I Need Year-Round Coverage if I Only Drive My Classic Car in Summer or Spring?

Regardless of when or how often you take your treasure on the road, it needs protection at all times, even when it’s being stored.   We don’t recommend ever going without coverage. This is because theft and perils like fire, lightning, hurricanes, and flooding can damage or total your classic car at any time, and no insurance equals no compensation.

We’ll Help You Create the Ideal Classic Car Policy

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