Home Insurance and Your Mortgage: Meeting Mortgage Expectations

Are you thinking about buying a home? Perhaps you already have a home loan but want to lower your home insurance costs. One area you may want to consider is your home insurance.

In virtually every situation, it will be critical for you to maintain proper home insurance to meet your mortgage lender’s requirements. At JD Insurance Group, we help clients in and around Beaumont, TX, to ensure they have the right type and level of insurance to meet their needs and to keep them up to date on what their mortgage lender requires.

Why Your Mortgage Lender Requires Home Insurance

Home insurance is a type of safety and protection tool. If your home were to catch on fire or suffer serious damage from a covered event, the insurance policy could provide financial compensation to help rebuild or repair your home – depending on what happened and how. That’s important to your lender.

Your lender has put a significant amount of money into the home for you. Home insurance helps to protect that asset from risks like fires. That is why most mortgage loan contracts require the property owner to maintain enough insurance to cover at least the amount owed on the loan.

Often, that’s not enough to meet your needs, though. You may want to increase the amount of home insurance you have to cover the cost of rebuilding your home if a serious incident were to occur. Doing so helps to safeguard your property and your investment in it.

Let Our Team Help You

If it is time for a home insurance update, the independent contractors and team at JD Insurance Group can help you. We work with property owners in Beaumont, TX, and the surrounding areas to get the insurance coverage their lenders need and enough to protect their investments as well.